How to use Hyaluronic Acid in your SkinCare Routine

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of all skin and plays a role in skin wound repair.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best-known and most loved ingredients in skin care. And it is one of the few ingredients scientifically proven by dermatologists to be effective and safe. While hyaluronic acid is a versatile substance that acts as a lubricating agent for joint health, eye health, and other purposes, it is also known as a prized skin moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning it helps skin hold on to water and stay hydrated, and hydration is crucial to healthy skin. This article will describe the benefits of hyaluronic acid for your skin and how to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine effectively.

Hyaluronic Acid for Skin Benefits

  • Moisture is key to healthy skin, and hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid molecules can attract up to 1,000 times their own weight in water, so it is extremely effective at keeping your skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid can draw moisture from the air in your environment.
  • Hyaluronic acid has anti-aging benefits. Hydrated skin is more plump, elastic, and flexible. Because hyaluronic acid helps keep skin elastic, it aids in preventing wrinkles and age lines. Hyaluronic acid can help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth.
  • Hyaluronic acid can also improve skin tone and texture. It is used in accelerating wound recovery and healing damaged skin. As such, your hyaluronic acid can aid in healing acne scars.
  • Hyaluronic acid counteracts the effects of other acids. Some of the ingredients we use on our skin, such as salicylic acid, can leave our skin feeling a little dry. Hyaluronic acid prevents skin from drying out due to acids without diminishing their effectiveness.
  • Hyaluronic acid is fast absorbing and non-irritating. Because hyaluronic acid absorbs quickly into the skin, it won’t leave an unpleasant or greasy film, and you won’t waste the product. And it is gentle and non-irritating enough to use daily, even on sensitive skin. Despite being called an “acid,” hyaluronic acid is not corrosive or drying.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid in your Skincare Routine

Hyaluronic acid is vital to any skincare routine because of its powerful moisturizing properties and other aforementioned benefits. Whether or not you struggle with dry skin, acne and breakouts, or premature signs of aging, dry skin contributes to wrinkles and can also cause your skin to produce excess oil, leading to breakouts and blemishes. So, whatever your skin type, moisture is essential. However, if you live in a dry climate or have particularly dry skin, adding some extra hydration to your regimen is especially important.  

Hyaluronic acid can be ingested or used in injections, but it is especially popular in the form of moisturizers and serums. However, for hyaluronic acid to be effective, it must be appropriately used in combination with other skincare products and ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is best used directly on the skin so it can absorb into your skin’s topmost layer. Therefore, you should apply it before sunscreens and other leave-on topical products.

For best results, begin by cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin. Then, apply hyaluronic acid in a moisturizing serum to damp skin to lock in moisture. Follow with a moisturizing SPF cream. Following your hyaluronic acid with a moisturizer will make them both more effective.

Can I combine hyaluronic acid with other ingredients?

Yes. Hyaluronic acid works well when combined with other powerful skincare ingredients. It can be combined with skincare superheroes such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, antioxidants, hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, niacinamide, and more without adverse effects or negating each other’s efficacy.

Can I use hyaluronic acid every day?

Yes. Adverse reactions and side effects to hyaluronic acid are very rare, and hyaluronic acid is considered safe for all skin types. It can be used twice daily, in the morning and at night, as part of your regular skincare routine.

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